Fooling Your Brain into Writing


I’ve realized I spend too much time writing. Not that I enjoy it so that I can’t stop, but I have this problem where I can’t make myself stay focused. After 15 minutes my brain wanders and my post becomes something I didn’t intend. I’ve been trying to trim down my writing and writing focus by decreasing the amount of time I give myself to write but all I do is break that limit and suddenly it’s midnight again and I’m swearing it won’t happen tomorrow.

As I came to day six of Blaugust, I found myself running out of steam. Because I’m devoting too much time to writing, I began to wonder if I should skip days or pre-write posts when the mood struck. From the posts I’m reading elsewhere, I can say that I’m not the only person facing the issue of sustaining our initial excitement. So remember my first post, about using tools I’ve gathered other places to augment my blogging skills? I made an effort of practical application today.