The Best Feelings


I’m tapped out. It’s been an overly-emotional, getting-my-youngest-fitted-for-first-school-uniforms, bill-paying kind of day. I have a special relationship with money in the way that a lion tamer has a relationship with the lion whose mouth currently encircles his head. I’ve never had a lot of money and spent awhile on full welfare (food stamps and medicaid) even while working at two dental clinics, up until May 2013 when some hard work paid off. The point is, even things that turn out positive financially are draining emotionally, blessed days included.

In lieu of an actual, informative blog post, here’s a list of the things I’ve encountered today that keep me going:


Rated “M” for “Mommy”


Friends who are also parents of gaming children ask me from time to time how I decide what games my children (both very, very young) have access to. Most of the time, I have things a bit easier in the conversation because the age of my boys mean they’re not being exposed to a lot of advertising or friends talking about gaming, so this is a ruleset I fully expect to adapt over the years. The range of games my kids play surprises some visitors, but the ESRB rating system is a starting point for me and not the final word; I’ve banned “E for everyone” games from my house because they did not meet my guidelines.