Don’t Miss These Projects


Typically my “Don’t Miss This” posts are about indie titles you can play right now, but recently I’ve not had a lot of time to game. Instead, I’m updating you on the indie projects I’m currently Kickstarting because I think they’re worth the investment, even if some are fully funded already.

I’ve backed an assortment of projects via Kickstarter, starting in 2011 with Regretsy’s Big Book of Fabricated Folktales from Finland (was totally worth it.) I suppose it started some sort of habit. For some semblance of order I’ve sorted these projects by date the Kickstarter campaigns finish. First, I come full literary circle with Julian Gough’s The Las Vegas Postcards. As you may remember from last week, Mr. Gough wrote the End Poem for Minecraft; I learned today (after backing this project last week) that this novel pulls from the same theme as End Poem. Next to Jotun for an action-adventure game where you play a Viking warrioress who died an ignoble death and now has a chance to earn her way into Valhalla. The following two projects are strictly adventure games: Jenny LeClue with its quirky hand-painted graphics and Kôna with its haunting depiction of 1970s Quebec. Finally, Data Hacker: Reboot is a lovely salute to earlier JRPGs that has me itching to pull out my Playstation.

Click through for the videos to each project because you’re not gonna want to miss these.


Flix the Flea


There’s nothing I love more than making a simple concept complicated.  I adore games like Divekick, Mega-Flux-Tube, and Power Up that can make my life hell by layering depth and creativity through a self-imposed limit on game mechanics. My co-workers were left staggering in confusion when Power Up’s one-man-dev-team Psychotic Psoftware tweeted about his new game’s Kickstarter and from my throat emerged shrieks that would cause Anne Rice to rethink her liberal application of the word “preternatural.”

Featuring a robust control system of not only the right arrow key, but also the left arrow keyFlix the Flea springs to action with hour(s?) of pleasurable platforming, exotic enemies, dastardly design, and a whole ‘nother slew of alluringly alliterative adjectival phrases. I’m more than a little excited to see what Psychotic turns out because I need more games capable of contributing to my delusion of “relaxing” while still making me feel super-smart when I beat them.

Check after the jump for a video or just head to Flix the Flea on Kickstarter to support it yourself!


Nothing To Hide Backer Update #2


Just putting the whole thing here for you all to see! I suggested some educational resources on how to develop and create with open source/creative commons and what to expect when you do. What do you think?

What’s next for Nothing To Hide?

Howdy, @maevrim //!

Two weeks ago, Nothing To Hide was successfully funded thanks to you! In total, we raised $43K from 1800 backers. The first quarter of your Progress Pledges have been claimed, backer reward surveys sent, and 10% of claimed pledges donated to charities that protect your digital rights. And last week, I was showing off Nothing To Hide at the annual Game Developer Conference. (Did you know the creator of Surgeon Simulator 2013 played and loved our game? Coming soon, Surveillance Simulator 2014!)

Anyway, with all that out of the way, what’s next?


Mega – Flux – Tube


I adore a challenge. Enter @elementalrobots who curdled my milk this morning, tweeting a double-dog dare to play his game and “if you can pass level one I suppose you can write about MFT.”

Some backstory: everyone has different ways of dealing with stress–I opt for bashing my metaphorical face against a virtual wall until one of us gives. Previously my face-bashing relief came courtesy of The Impossible Game, an  insurmountable challenge that leaves my children wide-eyed, whispering “Mommy, WHY are you playing that?” (“I DON’T KNOW!” I wail at them, fighting back tears.)

Back to this morning: as we say in Kentucky, them’s fightin’ words. Elemental Robots struck just the right chord that had me loading Mega – Flux – Tube in seconds.



This guy is an a$$.

Update Aug 29: Turns out you CAN put a price on fun! Buy Power-Up on Steam for $2.69

OK so I missed the Xbox360 arcade release of this game, but in my defense I only get to sign onto my gamertag to use Netflix these days. Thank the various gods @psypsoft followed me on Twitter so I’d learn of today’s PC-version release of Power-Up, a “modern-retro styled Shoot-Em-Up from one-man game studio, Psychotic Psoftware.”

All I know is my boyfriend left our Google Hangout an hour early tonight probably due to my shrieks of frustration and howls of triumph. This is the most fun I’ve had failing at a game since 1998; it was kind of hard to divert my attention.