Blaugust Update: What I’m Learning About Myself


This is the home stretch! The final week of Blaugust begins tomorrow and I’m…well, I’m behind. Not far, mind you! This post actually puts me just one entry short of being current. Still, last night while very pointedly NOT writing a post, I relaxed in bed and reflected on why I was OK with being in bed and not writing. And you, are you feeling the same way? Because I’ve learned that…

I don’t want to blog every day.

As I’ve mentioned before, I already write for my fulltime job and as part of the side jobs I take. Sometimes it’s straight documentation of code or product features, sometimes it’s how-to articles and white papers, and recently it’s been full articles to pin down expansive concepts. When I get home, I want to play videogames or spend time with my family, not do MORE writing.

I’m not a fast writer.

Writing a post still takes me at least one hour, even with a draft of the idea started earlier in the day. If there’s any noise, or too much light, it takes me even longer to focus on the words. I’ve had sensory issues for my whole life so this isn’t new, but it drives me batty no matter the steps I take to combat overstimulation. I’m coming to terms with this, though, because most of that hour of writing is gathering information for my topic and making notes, then editing the notes into a post.

I don’t have to make everything perfect.

Whether that “perfect” is the grammar, the wording, whatever—I’m learning I can turn out a great post that wouldn’t likely ever happen if I kept waiting to make it perfect first. Even when I miss my own mark,  the world turns and the sun rises tomorrow. The greatest error would be not ever writing at all.

I know where I draw the line.

I said that most of my writing time goes to research, and that’s something I’m not willing to compromise. I will never, ever speak on a subject unless I’m sure of my understanding and knowledge, and that’s an integral part of who I am. On the other hand, I’m willing to compromise on minor usage errors so long as I communicate my intent to my satisfaction. As I’ve learned the last couple of nights, I’m also willing to compromise Blaugust itself because my pleasure from the event comes from the value people find in my writing, the balance between my personal projects and family, and the discoveries about myself I make along the way.

My overall lesson from Blaugust is that I can be satisfied with myself.

You and I both know that’s worth a thousand videogame prizes.

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  • Awesome! Like you, I don’t feel like I can write everyday and still really make it worthwhile. Plenty of nights this month have found me in bed, trying to crank SOMETHING out on my phone before pumpkin hour. So far, I’ve managed. And plan to continue through the end of Blaugust, mostly to say I did. I certainly don’t plan to continue this pace into Septemblog.