In Which My Decisions On Someone Else’s Podcast Improve


This week: the exciting conclusion of Jonathan Green‘s Fighting Fantasy book, Night of the Necromancer.  Thom and I, armed with only our wits, a couple decent microphones, and a pair of dice who hate our guts, sift through putrescent evidence to avenge our most foul and unnatural murder. We learn all sorts of new ghoulish abilities this week, mostly because neither of us wrote them down last time and we had to guess what our character knew.

Fun story—we recorded this entire episode over the course of a couple hours and found during the last session that Thom forgot to hit “record” on his side! Never daunted, we fired the adventure back up and retraced our steps, actually doing quite a bit better the second time around. We really enjoyed this book and I’d definitely recommend buying it (or others by the author) for some serious group fun. Or play by yourself, if you’re into that kind of thing. I’m not going to judge.

Click through the cut to hear Thom and me write a bad necromance.

Pod Your Own Adventure presents

Night of the Necromancer part 2


Episode 21 – Night of the Necromancer pt 2 (With Aimee Jarboe)

Let’s get this finished!! Aimee Jarboe, no not her from Swans, off Twitter comes back for round two and we take down a gross necromancer! Together!

Stay tuned for the thrilling technical difficulties, we use time travel to overcome me forgetting to press record!

If you’re interested in meeting me at the Eurogamer Expo Podcast meet, this entire thing is a clickable link. For you!!

The intro and outro music is Sport Acapulco by Man and Birdmen, and the cover art was created by Harley. The music that plays during the recap is Spywatchers by Icy Demons.

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