In Which I make Poor Decisions On Someone Else’s Podcast


I meet the most interesting people on Twitter. Sometimes, the most interesting people invite me to participate in the adventure of an afterlifetime in which we die on the first page and everything goes downhill from there. Unable to refuse the lure of undeath, I teamed up with Thom (early #FF there) to hop aboard the podcast ship and voyage into Jonathan Green‘s Fighting Fantasy book, Night of the Necromancer. Armed with only our wits, a couple decent microphones, and a pair of dice who hate our guts, we sift through putrescent evidence to avenge our most foul and unnatural murder.

Pod Your Own Adventure presents

Night of the Necromancer

Hello and welcome back everybody! Today’s guest is the wonderful Aimee Jarboe off twitter, and she joins us on an adventure to solve the mystery of our own murder! No sweat, we’ll get it in one.

We’ll meet witches, we’ll meet necromancers, we’ll meet ghosts and demons and all sorts of horrifying beasts. It’s pretty good fun!

We discussed a couple things in the show which are now attached below, Graveman by Junji Ito can be read here, and you can find more information about Shards Online here!

The intro and outro music is Sport Acapulco by Man and Birdmen, and the cover art was created by Harley.

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This was my first time recording a “creative” (i.e., for fun rather than informative) podcast and it was definitely an experience. The adventure is happening in two parts, as the book proved too massive to complete in one episode. Still, we manage to find a few good answers to our most critical questions, like:

  • Will we ever see our beloved dog—I mean, sister again?
  • What actually defines an “orb” and how would one best describe it?
  • Why does the witch keep doing demon things and not nature things?
  • How many stupid decisions can we live—er, continue to succeed through?

Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion.

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