The Best Feelings


I’m tapped out. It’s been an overly-emotional, getting-my-youngest-fitted-for-first-school-uniforms, bill-paying kind of day. I have a special relationship with money in the way that a lion tamer has a relationship with the lion whose mouth currently encircles his head. I’ve never had a lot of money and spent awhile on full welfare (food stamps and medicaid) even while working at two dental clinics, up until May 2013 when some hard work paid off. The point is, even things that turn out positive financially are draining emotionally, blessed days included.

In lieu of an actual, informative blog post, here’s a list of the things I’ve encountered today that keep me going:

  • Having kids really excited to see me in the morning.
  • Having kids dancing and shrieking because it’s the weekend and that means Mommy is home all day.
  • We got a Wegmans.
  • Cheering up the kids because they’re bummed they don’t get to bring their own lunch to school this year and they’re so excited to go and wanted new lunchboxes.
  • Not having to plan lunches for school this fall.
  • Perfect cuppa tea.
  • The kids more excited to see what’s next when we all play Kingdom Hearts together than to boot up the Xbox360 for any reason.
  • Lots of hugs from little arms and faces squished against me.
  • Buying school uniforms for the first time ever.
  • Getting to do private school for at least one kid this year.
  • My 6 year old asking to bring his new calculator while we’re shopping so he can add things up.
  • My 4 year old declaring himself “Batman” to an entire store full of customers and employees.
  • Watching my kids make friends with complete strangers over an iPad.
  • Discussions with my boyfriend on the scope of creating a similar game to the one being played on that iPad.
  • Hearing a really tiny kid tell my oldest “you’re stupid!” and his older brother saying “No he’s not, and you’re using a bad word and not being nice!”
  • Hearing the only girl in the group talk about her videogames and proudly shout at the above exchange “‘Idiot’ is a bad word too and you can’t say it to people!”
  • Giving the girl’s mom a thumbs-up and having her grin and mouth “thank you”.
  • My 6 year old forgetting to get out of the car when we get home because he’s too busy reading how manual transmissions work in his new science book.
  • My boyfriend racing around the apartment rattling a jar of catnip to distract the cats while I browned meat for tacos.
  • Declaring dinner to be “Taco Tuesday on Saturday” to convince the kids to put away the Lego bricks and eat.
  • Convincing the kids that Saturday was a completely legit day to have Taco Tuesday because who wants to wait.
  • Showing my oldest how to wiggle out his first loose tooth.
  • Deciding with my boyfriend how much the tooth fairy pays these days.
  • Introducing the children to Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time even if it meant reading all of that friggin owl’s speeches out loud.
  • Reassuring and supportive hugs from my boyfriend. Adoring and somewhat clinging hugs from my youngest. Wild and energetic hugs from my oldest. Hugs between all of us. Hugs for any reason and at any time. Many hugs.

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  • What’s a Wegman’s?

    • Maevrim

      NY-based grocery chain that’s more like shopping in an open-air market. The food is really good quality but they’re cheaper than any store in my area, so having one here just cut my grocery bill nearly in half.