Long-form Human Connection, a Blaugust Experiment


Do experienced writers know when they’re no good at writing? I’ve always been good at reporting on things that happen, or happen to be; arranging personal thoughts into solid communication is not my forte. Last night, the thought struck that my inner self was never meant to be published. My professional life calls for concise communication of information, conducting knowledge from person to person (yesterday, one friend called it “Being a Professional Internet”). As open as I am, there are walled-off areas of my personal life that rarely see natural sunlight and certainly do not traipse about the capital “i” Internet. The more I look, the greater those walls rise.

Now comes Blaugust, a blogging initiative constructed and spearheaded by Belghast the Aggronaut, Redeemer of Dead Blogs and He Who Hath Slain the Writer’s Block. Blaugust kicks my rear into gear with the rarest and most fragile of friendly benefits: accountability. Blaugust hands me a nicely-packaged opportunity to apply my personally and professionally successful communications to the long-ish format of blogging. Thirty-one days and entries of practicing, with some motivation at the finish.

I’ve made a life from being aware of my limitations. I acknowledge and move on, letting them be and  focusing my efforts where the work pays off. Time to give those limitations a bit of attention and apply pressure–maybe get an answer from myself on what experienced writers do.

Click here to read about the Blaugust initiative and enter the world of The Aggronaut.

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  • Liore

    Whaaaaat, I didn’t know you had a blog!

    I totally understand where you’re coming from with this post. I write all day professionally, and I’m interested to see if I can actually keep up 31 days of hobby writing. Good luck to us both. :)

    • Maevrim

      *highfive for hobby writing*

      I used to do game journalism on the side, but without it being my focus (and actually WORKING in the game industry) things got awkward. I started this blog to satiate my need to blabber :D