Flix the Flea


There’s nothing I love more than making a simple concept complicated.  I adore games like Divekick, Mega-Flux-Tube, and Power Up that can make my life hell by layering depth and creativity through a self-imposed limit on game mechanics. My co-workers were left staggering in confusion when Power Up’s one-man-dev-team Psychotic Psoftware tweeted about his new game’s Kickstarter and from my throat emerged shrieks that would cause Anne Rice to rethink her liberal application of the word “preternatural.”

Featuring a robust control system of not only the right arrow key, but also the left arrow keyFlix the Flea springs to action with hour(s?) of pleasurable platforming, exotic enemies, dastardly design, and a whole ‘nother slew of alluringly alliterative adjectival phrases. I’m more than a little excited to see what Psychotic turns out because I need more games capable of contributing to my delusion of “relaxing” while still making me feel super-smart when I beat them.

Check after the jump for a video or just head to Flix the Flea on Kickstarter to support it yourself!

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