Mega – Flux – Tube


I adore a challenge. Enter @elementalrobots who curdled my milk this morning, tweeting a double-dog dare to play his game and “if you can pass level one I suppose you can write about MFT.”

Some backstory: everyone has different ways of dealing with stress–I opt for bashing my metaphorical face against a virtual wall until one of us gives. Previously my face-bashing relief came courtesy of The Impossible Game, an  insurmountable challenge that leaves my children wide-eyed, whispering “Mommy, WHY are you playing that?” (“I DON’T KNOW!” I wail at them, fighting back tears.)

Back to this morning: as we say in Kentucky, them’s fightin’ words. Elemental Robots struck just the right chord that had me loading Mega – Flux – Tube in seconds.


The concept is simple: four buttons, four rules. Collect the pellets, avoid the obstacles, get enough pellets (I call them “pearls“) to unlock more levels, and don’t punch your monitor. You begin with two pretty rails, brightly-coloured and innocent. Pearls (pellets) appear and you gracefully loop around the rail to scoop them up. Next, the pearls are offset by yellow spikes that are a pretty obvious “avoid at all costs.” No biggie! Get the pearls, avoid the spikes, avoid the discs—what?

The discs are the buggers who will make your life hell.  It took 5 minutes before that pulsing “doom doom doom” of discs spawning made me break into a sweat. They completely block your path, forcing you to jump to a nearby rail (which has to be lined up exactly–so thankful for the “ok to jump” indicators!) to survive. Except then they spawn on that rail too, with increasingly difficult patterns until you’re hopping back and forth praying that a pearl just happens to fall in your path because it’s all you can do to avoid certain death and you’re not sure if that’s sweat or blood in your eyes from intense concentration.

Mega-Flux-Tube is available for play right in your browser, but if you have a Droid smartphone you can torture yourself on the go. Either way, grab this game. Challenge yourself! Or let Elemental Robots challenge you–he’s good at that.



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