This guy is an a$$.

This guy is an a$$.

Update Aug 29: Turns out you CAN put a price on fun! Buy Power-Up on Steam for $2.69

OK so I missed the Xbox360 arcade release of this game, but in my defense I only get to sign onto my gamertag to use Netflix these days. Thank the various gods @psypsoft followed me on Twitter so I’d learn of today’s PC-version release of Power-Up, a “modern-retro styled Shoot-Em-Up from one-man game studio, Psychotic Psoftware.”

All I know is my boyfriend left our Google Hangout an hour early tonight probably due to my shrieks of frustration and howls of triumph. This is the most fun I’ve had failing at a game since 1998; it was kind of hard to divert my attention.

Not gonna lie, I immediately set the game difficulty to “easy” upon installing and I stand by that decision. There’s not really a tutorial, and though you can pause the game and check the control screen through the options menu, there’s not a lot of help in remembering which key does what. The characters have interestingly snarky personalities (I kind of want to write some fanfics already) but like a porn flick, the storyline really feels like it’s just there to get to the good stuff. I don’t mind too much; Power-Up really delivers on the action so I haven’t been disappointed in the slightest.

I grabbed it through the Humble Store for less than $2.50 USD. Psypsoft is working on getting the game Greenlit for distribution via Steam and Valve has promised him Steam keys for everyone who purchases the game before it’s on the Steam store.

There’s basically no reason to hold off buying this game. I only paused it long enough to come post and I’m done with that, so laissez les bons temps rouler.



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